All Touch Power Wash & Paint

A Maryland home improvement licensed company. MHIC#131598

When you put your pressure washing project or painting project in the hands of this highly experienced company, rest assured that you'll be satisfied with the like new results of your home or commercial property. And have the peace of mind from that we are state regulatory compliant and well insured. 

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Power washing Services That You Can Count On

Let us handle the tough jobs for you. There is a lot to be said about commercial grade equipment and years of experience when it comes to properly pressure washing houses, decks, fences, patios, driveways and sidewalks.  Those hard to reach second and third story buildings and those seemingly impossible stains and grime are no match for this team.  Know that your home and commercial property are in good hands. We are licensed and insured and deliver results above and beyond the competition on every job.   

Home siding mold and mildew cleaning

residential cleaning

We clean the mold, grime and mildew from your siding carefully and effectively using professional grade equipment without damaging your siding or foundation. With a soft and supple approach,  we will give your house a brand new look and glow. Vinyl siding cleaning, aluminum siding cleaning, wood deck power washing, composite deck power washing, fence cleaning, sidewalk pressure washing, driveway cleaning, roof washing and much more. 

Grime, mold and mildew will no longer be evident.

Grime, mold and mildew will no longer be evident.

Condo building before and after.

Commercial Property cleaning

Your business is our business! We want your business to be successful. The look of your business property is paramount to sales and productivity. All Touch Power Wash & Paint can help you obtain and maintain your ISO-9000 certifications. Call us for concrete cleaning, restaurant cleaning, hot water washing, graffiti removal, rust removal, truck fleet washing, condominium cleaning and multi unit housing washes.

Commercial fleet wash.

Commercial fleet wash.

Decks & Fences Cleaned and restored

If your deck or fence is more than a couple of years old, it's likely that you haven't noticed the gradual fading and discoloration that comes with a naturally weathered surface. Mold, mildew and the sun wreak havoc on these precious investments.  Call us wood doctors if you will.  We are highly experienced at bringing that natural beauty back, and sometimes better than it was brand new. 

Driveways ,Patios, Pool Decks, Concrete, & Masonry

Hard and porous surfaces grab and hold onto oil, grease, and dirt. We use professional grade equipment to blast away grime and other contaminants on just about any hard surface including concrete, cement, pavers, brick, and stone. This is where our patience, experience, professional grade equipment and an attention to detail make it clean the first time, every time.